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    • Gear Quenching Equipment
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      Gear Quenching Equipment

      Gear quenching equipment includes high-frequency quenching power supply, special CNC quenching machine tools and double-cycle cooling system. There are many types of high-frequency quenching power supply, and the power is different...Read More
    • Gear Surface Heating Equipment
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      Gear Surface Heating Equipment

      Gear surface heating equipment, gear quenching, mainly its surface heat treatment quenching, after quenching gear surface wear resistance, after quenching gear life is not quenched 3-5 times, improve the life of the workpiece, improve market competition Rate, this set of...Read More
    • Complete Sprocket Quenching Equipment
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      Complete Sprocket Quenching Equipment

      The sprocket quenching equipment is the same as the gear quenching equipment. It includes the quenching power supply, CNC quenching machine and double-cycle cooling system. This set of equipment can quench different diameter sprocket, for example, the sprocket diameter is...Read More
    • Large Diameter Gear Quenching Equipment
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      Large Diameter Gear Quenching Equipment

      Large-diameter gear sprocket quenching equipment is mainly for large diameter gears, sprocket surface as a whole heating quenching, such as gear diameter 500mm-600mm, sprocket diameter 900-1000mm, this complete set of equipment professional parts CNC quenching machine tools...Read More
    • Sprocket Surface Heating Equipment
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      Sprocket Surface Heating Equipment

      Sprocket surface heating complete sets of equipment, surface heating is surface quenching, its main purpose is to improve the surface hardness of the workpiece, the quenched sprocket surface will 1-1.5mm hardened hard area, improve its service life, is not quenched sprocket...Read More
    • Wheel Guide Wheel Surface Quenching Equipment
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      Wheel Guide Wheel Surface Quenching Equipment

      China's high-quality wheel guide wheel surface quenching equipmentRead More
    • Roller Surface Heating Equipment
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      Roller Surface Heating Equipment

      Roller surface heating equipment, the overall heating of the roller, due to the larger workpiece diameter, hardened hard layer, so we recommend the series heating power supply, with IGBT as the main components, energy saving, energy saving...Read More
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